Gossip Leads to Slander

Great minds discuss ideas.

Average minds discuss events.

Small minds discuss people.

                                   - Elenor Roosevelt

 Gossip is backbiting which easily leads to slander.

 Gossip is COWARDLY.

·        That is putting down others.

·        That is demoralizing.

·       It is attacking another person's character.


When you avoid direct confrontation

you tend to complain to safe people.

That is GOSSIP.


Gossip BOOMERANGS in your face eventually.

Are you angry at someone?

·        Do not dump on others.

·        Cool off.  It may take hours or days.  

·        Wait at least three days, then confront that person directly.



Say     “I FELT offended when you _____.”

Say     “That was backbiting, stop it.”


z. 0706, p. 2005


An authority figure lies to you repeatedly.
They attack your character.  That is gaslighting.
Their belief system/ mind set / fallacy thinking
influences you into doubting yourself.

Psychological Damage

Gaslighting imposes guilt trips, degrades you, drives you crazy and belittling you.
It makes you feel so insignificant.
Gaslighting makes you feel invisible and worthless. It destroying you.
Their constant repetitively lying plants toxic weeds into the soil of your mind.
That confuses you. Their thinking is erroneous. Their belief is untrue.
“You NEVER … do the dishes.” The liar repeats hundreds of times.
“That is so untrue. I am the only one that does all the dishes, every time.
Why don't you wash the dishes right after dinner, if that is so important to you?”
“You don’t work.”  They say it repeatedly, ingraining it into your mind. That is so untrue.
Offended, the subconscious recoils at that outright lie.  Rephrase that please. 
“You do not get a paycheck by an employer. Is that right?”  That is true. Also, I work hard.

Gaslighting is Lying

Gaslighting is extremely damaging psychologically.
It imposes guilt, causing twisted thinking, confusion, insanity and even suicide.
It is a power trip. It is guilt tripping the other person for revenge.
The result to the victim is:
Guilt for years, anxiety, lack of self esteem, loss of confidence, sorrow, sadness, anger.
Gaslighting is so so damaging to the psyche.
Redemption is when one, two or three, family members and friends gain clarity about the narcissistic, bully, sociopath.

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Cancer, DIY Healing Guide

Healing Guide

Source:  http://www.alternative-cancer-care.com/the-cancer-healing-guide.html

ADRENAL CORTEX: Wrong Direction. Gone Astray
BLADDER: Ugly Conflict. Dirty Tricks
BONE: Lack of Self Worth. Inferiority Feeling
BRAIN TUMOR: Stubbornness. Refusing to Change Old Patterns. Mental Frustration [Dr Hamer does not propose a conflict for brain tumor. The above is Louise Hay's proposed cause.]
BREAST MILK GLAND: Involving Care or Disharmony
BREAST MILK DUCT: Separation Conflict
BREAST LEFT: Conflict concerning Child, Home or Mother
BREAST RIGHT: Conflict with Partner or Others
BRONCHIOLES: Territorial Conflict
CERVIX: Severe Frustration
COLON: Ugly Indigestible Conflict
ESOPHAGUS: Cannot Have It or Swallow It
GALL BLADDER: Rivalry Conflict
HEART: Perpetual Conflict
INTESTINES: Indigestible Chunk of Anger
KIDNEYS: Not wanting to Live. Water or Fluid Conflict
LARYNX: Conflict of Fear and Fright
LIVER: Fear of Starvation
LUNGS: Fear of Dying or Suffocation, including Fear for Someone Else
LYMPH GLANDS: Loss of Self-Worth
MELANOMA: Feeling Dirty, Soiled, Defiled
MIDDLE EAR: Not being able to get some Vital Information
MOUTH: Cannot Chew It or Hold It
PANCREAS: Anxiety-Anger Conflict with Family Members. Inheritance
PROSTATE: Ugly Conflict with Sexual Connotations
RECTUM: Fear of Being Useless
SKIN: Loss of Integrity
SPLEEN: Shock of being Physically/Emotionally Wounded
STOMACH: Indigestible Anger. Swallowed Too Much
THYROID: Feeling Powerless
TUMOR: Nursing Old Hurts and Shocks. Building Remorse [Dr Hamer does not propose a conflict for tumor. The above is Louise Hay's proposed cause.]
UTERUS: Sexual Conflict

Ch Concepts

z. 1907 

Flowers -The Meaning of Colors - Give Vitamin F

Flowers, the Meaning of Colors

Use colors and flowers to relay messages to help heal relationships. People love Vitamin F.

From Emotions
To Give Message of

Fear, anxiety, trepidation, grief
hope, innocence, sympathy
Births, Weddings, Funerals
ORCHIDS, daisies, carnations, roses,
baby’s breath

Failure. low self esteem
Admiration, honor
Father’s Day, Traditions,
Success, royalty
IRIS, clematis, allium, bellflower

Awkward, hunched over, aging
Grace, youth, elegance
Spiritual daily living
LAVENDER, petunias, daisies, orchids, lilacs

Stressed, feeling negative,
Over stimulated
Relaxing, calming, soothing, tranquility, peace
Weekends, vacations
Hydrangeas, morning glories,
corn flowers

Depression, gloom,
good health, good fortune,
Bring cheer
life, rebirth, renewal,
GREEN PLANTS, bells of Ireland, button flowers, cymbidium orchid, anthurium

Sad, lonely
Happiness, joy,
Increase positive energy
FRIENDSHIP, offset sadness
DAISIES, sunflowers, lilies

over worked,
people pleasing
Excitement, enthusiasm
Sports, BBQs
ZINNIAS, marigolds, tulips, lilies, poppies

Harshness, discomfort
Comfort,  gentleness, femininity
Mother’s Day
ROSES, carnations, lilies, azaleas

Jealousy, disappointment, anger, betrayal
Love, passion, respect, desire, courage
Romance, new job, apologize
ROSES, geraniums, tulips

Hydrangeas - by changing the pH of your soil,
you can turn pink flowers into blue and vice versa!

z. 1806