Do not Admire or Worship Anyone

If they do not consider you to be SPECIAL,
Then why consider them SPECIAL?

Who is the celebrity?
Is this a one-way road?
Is it always about THEM, their history?
Is their ego so narcissistic?

Why are they not CURIOUS
about YOU, your history, interests and activities?

Quiet people: Stop interviewing.
Start volunteering information, stories and ice breakers.

Every one loves a good listener.

Talkative people:  Aim to LISTEN
half the time as well as TALKING.
Balance out the relationship.
Be considerate. Be curious.

Do not worship people. 
Worship only God. - 2 Kings 17:35, Rev 22:9

z. 1703

Throwing Pills at Patients

Bodies heal themselves
given enough time and
under the right conditions.

Relaxing, focusing, soothing,
prayer, meditation, mindfulness,
resolving upsets, confronting, reconciling,
letting go... and the most vitally important of all,


all aim at the root cause
of areas of pain and chronic dis-ease.
Western medicine attacks the effects,
just the symptoms, of pain.
Addressing symptoms is like disconnecting
a warning light on the dashboard of your car.
Not heeding warning signs is denial, dangerous and ineffective.

Doctors are throwing pills at patients.

The third leading cause of death in America
is drug interactions, complications, and side effects
from combining prescription drugs.

When your doctor prescribes you medicine,
you do not have to fill the prescription.
You have the right to decline.

Delay and do diligent research on the internet before
deciding whether to accept chemicals as a solution
to this particular problem.
Stop and think.
Do not spontaneously and blindly accept drugs.

z. 1704


Do Not Occupy Your Mind with F.E.A.R.

Do not occupy your mind with F.E.A.R.

F - False
E - Evidence
A - Appearing
R - Real

Create more space in your environment, with your time and in your mind.
Remove stuff and distractions.
Do not let the news upset you.
Beware of people barking like sheep dogs at crowds.
Do not give your valuable time, energy and effort to perceived bad news.
Focus on serenity.
Think well.


z. 1611


 Rather Than  Choose
Bottled salad dressings Fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice
Catsup Tabasco, spices, onions, mustard
Mayo on sandwich Guacamole or hummus
Syrup on pancakes Berries, banana, apple, nuts, seeds
Iced tea Lemon water
Butter on muffins Avocado spread or salsa
Jam on bread Bread and whole fruit, side by side
Soft Drinks Chilled lemon water and whole fruit
Coffee drinks Bernando Coffee
Cereal Oatmeal, fruit, nuts, seeds
Mayo on artichoke Fresh squeezed lemon juice
Salt on watermelon Plain watermelon
Cookies Small pancakes, oatmeal
Baked desserts More dinner instead
Unhealthy snacks Raw veggies with dip
Condiments Spices, fresh lemon juice
Meat Less meat. More beans, rice, fiber
Suppressants, alcohol Designated driver, relaxation
Stimulants, caffeine Water hydration, exercise
Cooking with butter Cooking with water
Buttered popcorn Tabasco popcorn, get creative
Grazing on snacks Eat 3 square meals
Dairy Limit quantity
Plain veggies Add lemon juice, favorite spices
Fruit juice Whole fruits
Eating and watching TV Maybe the dining table?
Junk, chemicals, shelf life Plants, micro-nutrients, your life
French fries Sweet potato, baked potato
Deep fried You are clogging your arteries
Doughnuts Muffins, waffles, oatmeal
Sugary items grapes, fruit, nuts, raisins
 Rather Than  Choose

z. 1608


Cravings Charts

Cravings and Mood
Meat, tough food, hard, crunchy food
Sweet, soft, ice cream, milk shakes
Lonely, sexual frustration
Pasta, bulky, filling, crackers
Anything and everything

Your Craving
What You Need
What to Eat Instead
Cacao, nuts, seeds
Sugary foods
Broccoli, grapes
Nuts, veggies, grains
Raisins, yams, spinach
Bread, pasta, carbs
Protein: beans, nuts
Oily foods
Salty foods
Omega 3
Cashews, nuts, seeds