Unsolicited Advice

Someone offers unsolicited advice,
then gets offended when it is unwanted.

Unsolicited advice is almost always unwanted.

Let others THINK
                 FEEL and
                 EXPERIENCE life for themselves,
                 their own way.

z. 1704 

That is Enough

How to politely end an uncomfortable encounter:

John -          What did you mean by that?
                    I want to know your opinions.
                    You are the President of the United States.

Trump -       THAT is enough.
                    We are done.
                    Thank you very much.

Trump's Body Language

                    Breaks eye contact.
                    Turns and walks away.
                    Goes sit down at desk.
                    Ready to get back to work.

z. 1705

ref: Trump’s first 100 days in office as USA President,
interview with John Dickerson, oval office, Face the Nation, CBS News

Do not Admire or Worship Anyone

If they do not consider you to be SPECIAL,
Then why consider them SPECIAL?

Who is the celebrity?
Is this a one-way road?
Is it always about THEM, their history?
Is their ego so narcissistic?

Why are they not CURIOUS
about YOU, your history, interests and activities?

Quiet people: Stop interviewing.
Start volunteering information, stories and ice breakers.

Every one loves a good listener.

Talkative people:  Aim to LISTEN
half the time as well as TALKING.
Balance out the relationship.
Be considerate. Be curious.

Do not worship people. 
Worship only God. - 2 Kings 17:35, Rev 22:9

z. 1703