Eating, Grade Yourself

A        Awesome; Nutritious; vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds; best choices.
B        Better; Good enough. Meals, quick and nutritious, made with love, home made.
C        Controversial foods; Doctor says do not eat some “C” foods. Imposing diets.
D        Depressing; Fast food, clogging food, some restaurants; Feel tired instantly.
F        Fake food; Lack nutrition; many desserts, sodas, sugary foods, alcohol and candy.

Doctor - Do not eat some “C” foods.  Here is a list.
Patient - That sabotages my brain.  
Brain - Don’t eat oatmeal. Why?
          Don’t eat bread. Why?
          Trains of thoughts, wondering why.
          Over and over, perplexed. Stuck. Defiant. Rebel.
I am hungry.
I will go to the grocery store and get potato chips and a candy bar.
I crave “D” and “F” foods that are not listed.
I would have been better off eating bread and getting a “C”.
Instead, I flunked.
Let’s work at getting an “A” or a “B” next time!

z. 1710