Gossip Leads to Slander

Great minds discuss ideas.

Average minds discuss events.

Small minds discuss people.

                                   - Elenor Roosevelt

 Gossip is backbiting which easily leads to slander.

 Gossip is COWARDLY.

·        That is putting down others.

·        That is demoralizing.

·       It is attacking another person's character.


When you avoid direct confrontation

you tend to complain to safe people.

That is GOSSIP.


Gossip BOOMERANGS in your face eventually.

Are you angry at someone?

·        Do not dump on others.

·        Cool off.  It may take hours or days.  

·        Wait at least three days, then confront that person directly.



Say     “I FELT offended when you _____.”

Say     “That was backbiting, stop it.”


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