Heal Alcoholism with Spirituality

Take baby steps out of the darkness of despair, anger, resentment, guilt and/or shame.

Anger                      Assumptions & feelings: Upset, injustice, unfairness, hurts, wounded
Blame                      Blaming others gives away your control over your own emotions.
Conviction               Realize your own behavior in the situation.  It’s a package deal.
Confess                   Get honest. Pray. Tell only God. Gain awareness. Get more honest.
Repent                     U turn. Turn and go in the opposite direction. This is sins vs. virtues.
Forgiven                  If you are still breathing and alive, then God has forgiven you.
Forgive                    Forgive others, as God as forgiven you. Pray daily.
Faith                        Faith is key.  Trust God.  In God we trust. Go to church maybe?
Accepted                 You are accepted, like an abandoned newborn being adopted.
Loved                      Nobody loves me. God is nobody. God (nobody) loves you and me.
Rejoice                    Treat yourself well. Rein in that work. Be kind to others. Enjoy life.
Renewal                   Recovery, vitality, born again like a tulip coming back in the Spring.

Take baby steps into the sunshine of the outdoors, life, joy, hope and loved ones.
Shed those ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts), assumptions, false beliefs.
Daily prayer is taking a few of the 12 steps over and over again.
Prayer is ultimate healing.

p. 1810

Ref:    Cox 01.01 - 01.05    Give Me the Bible     z. 1604
Ref:    Eccl 4 - 10  MSG

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