Posture–Steps to Correct


Sitz bones – Place the hands under the buttocks to find the sitz bones.
                    Rock left to right. 
                    Squeeze the bones together.

Core – Breathe out. Breathe in. Press the belly button inwards.

Ribs – Touch the top of the hips with the index fingers.
           Touch the bottom of the ribs with the thumbs.
           Lengthen the gap in between. Stretch.

Sternum – Touch the sternum and lift it an inch or so.

Shoulders – Touch shoulders. Press back, then press down.

Shoulder blades – Squeeze together.

Chin – Touch the chin, push towards the spine.  Having a double chin is okay.


Tail bone – tuck

Ribs – lift

Shoulders – back

Chin – in

Neck – test against a wall that the back of the neck is flat.

Knees – soften


Sternum – Touch the sternum and lift it an inch or so.  z. 1504