Tooth Care

Here is a daily routine for caring for your teeth naturally, without toxins.

Stains 1 tsp sesame oil – swish in mouth about 5 minutes, then spit out.

Oil pulls off stains that water cannot.
Floss Keep a one handed flossing device handy

at bathroom, kitchen,desk, car and office.
Rinse Salt water is great for the gums.

Vigorously rinse with a strong solution of salt.

Use pickling salt and avoid sea salt.

Pickling salt is available at the grocery store.

4 lb. for $2.50, lasts a year or more.
Clean brush gently with baking soda, tooth powder

or a special blend from the local herbalist.
Tongue Always follow with a tongue scraper.

Eat a high protein diet, low in sugars to avoid tooth decay.

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