How to Give Your Self a Fantastic Foot Massage

Every day massage acupressure points vigorously to stimulate
and improve the condition of the organs.
Be gentle, firm and caring.

Step 1 - Rub one foot adequately.
Step 2 - Massage the Achilles tendon.
Step 3 - Massage the top of the foot, the metacarpal.
Step 4 - Find the liver point
Step 5 - Pull toes
Step 6 - Bottom of foot
Step 7 - Kidney point
Step 8 - Acupressure points

When finished, repeat all steps for the other foot.
When to massage your feet:
  • in bed as you awaken
  • in the bath
  • while watching TV
  • unwinding for the evening
Essential Oil:
Once in bed for the evening,
dab peppermint essential oil
on the kidney points on the bottom of the feet.
This will stimulate the kidneys
and in turn helps prevent urination
during the middle of the night.



z. 1712